Facelift for “Butterfly in my Hair” starting September


Sweet butterflies,

Starting September, I will have a new theme for my blog. I’m very eager and happy to greet you with this new format, which includes new categories. So, during August, I will take a little time off to bring all my thoughts together, to enjoy new experiences and focus more on my hobby. Have fun this summer! I look forward to sharing more ideas, opinions and experiences with you in September.

Muah, muah, muah,


photo source: misseychelles.com

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  1. Fashion Mayann August 2, 2013  2:25 pm Reply

    Enjoy your summer (and all the butterflies that you'll see !) XX

    • fashionbyamanda August 2, 2013  2:58 pm Reply

      You too, happy holiday and a lot of butterflies in your hair and stomach:)


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