Beauty products for summer days

I have tried some beauty products for this hot summer days:

  • A gel mask with a very pleasant fragrance. Nice and cool after a day at the beach is certainly just right. Yves Rocher, Masque swerve Glace Cranberry, 50 oz


  • The light scent of ginger and lime that tickles the nose. Nice and light, beautifully fresh. Unfortunately the deodorant leaves a sticky film on the skin.
    Primavera, Frischedeo Roll-On Ginger Lime, 50 ml


  • Perfect for hot days in the office. It smells fresh and should carefully dosed on the skin. The wipes are perfect when you get the feeling of being a bit sweaty, but it must be the same in a meeting. 4711 Acqua Colonia Lemon & Ginger


  • Even the steel-blue packaging yells for refreshment: And actually the shower gel leaves a nice cool feeling on the skin. Perfect after sports or a day at the beach. But the best is the smell of bamboo and Japanese mint. Hmmm! Ritual, Ice Shower, 200 ml


  • Cools tired and heavy legs could be refreshed better with Payot as dip in the pool (this effect can still increase by storing the gel in the fridge!) It will even permanently improve the microcirculation and assist drainage. At the first test is clear: a summer resort for the legs is guaranteed, the fragrance is certainly not for everyone, a bit antiseptic. But since the product works and the medical smell dissipates quickly, there is no penalty. Payot Soin Jambes Casual, 200 ml

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