Lush and St. Valentine


Soon is February 14th, and at this day everywhere across Romania and in other places around the world, flowers and gifts are exchanged between lovers, all that in name of St. Valentine. You can surprise your beloved with a gift from LUSH in this day of romance.

Their fresh products are handmade using fresh and organic fruits, kilos of essential oils, tons of natural butters and plenty of herbs, spices and infusions. The Lush team offers gorgeous organic products for long candlelit baths and showers, smooth massage oils, filling the world with perfume. They use over 260,000,000 roses each year, dried or fresh, absolute or oil, 8,000 bunches of fresh flowers every year and 50 tons of fruit and vegetables in their fresh handmade cosmetics a year. What a crazy rainbow of fruits, colors and beautiful fragrances… Here, you will discover a world of exciting ingredients for body and soul!


Happy people use happy soaps :)

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