Thoughts for the New Year!!






Thoughts for the New Year!!

Sweet butterflies from The Whole World,

I hope you felt the magic of Christmas as I felt it myself: in harmony with my family and with others! I thought of you and sent you good, positive thoughts!

The New Year is coming in a few hours! Usually, I throw a glance at the past year, I think about what I wanted last year and what I have achieved, I think about what came unexpectedly and how I reacted to it, if I learned anything from my experience so far and what I should have learnt from what happened to me. Anyway a lot of thoughts invaded my mind. After asking myself all these questions, I’ve tried to clarify my desires and plans for next year.

Do not forget that 2012 was marked by important events: elections in the U.S., Russia, France and Romania, the crisis in Europe, the launch of the iPad 3 or iPhone 5, Euro 2012 and the Summer Olympics in London and end of the world prophesied by the Mayan calendar. But all these events and, as regards the last one, non-event, did not prevent us from going forward, on the contrary, they have taught us valuable lessons, we were encouraged to put more effort into our process of adaptation, as individuals, to the current conditions of the world.

For me, 2012 was marked by the desire to start something new, something wholly mine, something that I enjoy, that relaxes me and gives me a gateway to escape into a world of my own. This thing has materialized in my fashion blog.

For the New Year I want to carry on and develop this project, to develop my ability to write, so I can share my imagination with you.


I wish you to welcome the New Year with an open mind and a heart full of hope and optimism!

La multi ani!

Happy New Year

Fotos by Aua Sergjei

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  1. E January 2, 2013  11:19 am Reply

    I wish you a wonderful and very successful New Year! xxo


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